Hip to gable conversion

April 18, 2020 by james in forum Planning Forum

#704 james, 18 April 2020, 15:46

ok so here goes, il try explain as best as i can. My head is a bit battered at the moment

I have a 1920 semi detached house with a hip roof. Ive built a double side extension (2m wide) that’s currently at eaves level. We have decided to make space of the large loft space and convert it so Ive recently applied for change of roof, we put in for a continuous roof with the 2 hips starting at the start of the extension (external wall of the original house). The idea was to completely strip out the traditional cut roof, install steal ridge beam and re build with 6x2 and get rid of the purlins, this would of gave us plenty of space for the bedroom and bathroom. However the council are not supporting this at all, they want a dropped ridge so that means an extra hip and valley at the front which massively cuts off head height internally.

Im aware a hip to gable conversion is covered under PD, how would planners react if i lodged an application changing the original house roof to a gable and then building a hip roof on the 2m wide x 8m extension that would tie into the side of the new gable wall.

Im thinking it wouldn’t be as simple as that for some reason, maybe because i have an extension being built at the moment, Is timing an issue.I.e would i have to convert the house roof before i changed the current application for the extension roof.

I do plan to put a dormer on the back under PD but ive not informed the council about that yet, they are being arsey as it is

Massive thank you to anyone who takes the time to offer me some advice or tips to get around this.

#721 Damian, 15 June 2020, 20:49

The majority of Council’s want to see extensions appear sub-servient and which is normally achieved by setting back the new front wall and setting down the new ridge. Yes, this does mean additional hips and valleys but those are the Planning rules.

Be mindful that PD only relates to the original and not extended part of the house. If and when you’ve built your new hipped roof, you would not be allowed to convert the loft, change the new hip to a gable and put a dormer across the back via PD. What people do is to secure CoL approval for a hip to gable with rear dormer first. They’d then have to build and substantially complete those PD works before applying for a two storey side extension. Again, it’s not the right or ideal scenario but can be the only way to achieve that added roof space by utilising PD and carrying out the works correctly.

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