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Winter Lawn Care Advice

28 November 2012

With winter pretty much here, many homeowners will be making the final preparations in their gardens; pulling out the dying bedding plants and giving the flower beds a final weed.  It is also essential at this time of year to give your lawn some attention, whilst following a few rules, to ensure that it is in the best possible condition when spring returns. Traffic levels During the winter period... Continue reading Winter Lawn Care Advice

Creating the Right Garden for your Property

4 May 2012

Many property investors remain unconvinced that money spent on the gardens of their properties is worthwhile.  My house has just been valued at 10% more than an identical house opposite.  The estate agent said the higher valuation was because of the garden.  The actual monetary figure represents twice as much as I spent creating the garden. My number one tip for getting the garden right... Continue reading Creating the Right Garden for your Property

Curb Appeal

22 November 2010

We've all heard the phrase 'curb appeal' and most property experts are very quick to point out that a well-landscaped garden, both front and back could make a vast difference to the value of a home (as well as it's aesthetic quality). But how many of us have applied it to our own homes? Recent years have seen huge increases in styles and finishes for patios, terraces, drives and pathways. From reproduction... Continue reading Curb Appeal

How has Garden Grabbing affected you?

3 September 2010

The Government recently announced changes to the planning system with the intention of reducing the infilling and development of existing back gardens, often referred to in the media as garden grabbing. For residents and environmental groups the changes have been warmly welcomed and predictably, the House Builders' Federation has called the changes unnecessary. The Government sees itself responding... Continue reading How has Garden Grabbing affected you?

Working From Home - How to Make Use of Your Garden

23 February 2009

When the daily grind gets all too much and you are given the opportunity to work from home, most people would grab it with both hands and feet. With living space at a premium and the loft full of unwanted gifts and furniture that may not even be yours, how else can you meaningfully take up the working from home opportunity? For many of us who are lucky to live in a house with a reasonably sized garden,... Continue reading Working From Home - How to Make Use of Your Garden

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