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No matter how small, the outside space which may surround your property can often provide an invaluable resource in the creation of additional living space for you and your family. However, certain forms of improvement work may require the benefit of planning permission and therefore it is of paramount importance to check that your recently laid block paving for example is permitted development and will not be the subject of any kind of potential enforcement action.

Over recent years, decking has proven a cost effective way of increasing the usable space around any dwelling. However, did you realise that if your decking is more than 30cm above ground level or covered more than 50% of the garden area (including sheds and outbuildings), it may well require planning permission?

As experience often demonstrates, it may not necessarily be the hot tub or indeed the tennis court that requires the permission but the associated buildings or structures such as changing rooms, fencing or pump room.

When it comes to demolishing your property, please be aware that in most cases, demolition does not require the benefit of planning permission. However, what is important to recognise is that you will require permission to build any replacement structure or indeed seek a change of use for the site.

As the old addage goes, "An Englishman's Home is his Castle". Whilst no one can question this, what is important to recognise is that changes to your boundary treatment may require planning permission if you intend to increase the height of fences or walls for example.

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