The Planning Process

Making a planning application for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Notwithstanding the correct forms you need to obtain (and complete), there then comes the small matter of sourcing a site location plan together with scale drawings of the existing and proposed scheme. Whilst a proficient "A" Level Design and Technology student may cope, there then remains the small issue of obtaining Building Regulations. Building Regulations are essentially there to make sure that what you propose can be built in the first place, is structurally safe and meets present day regulations. Experience has often shown that investing in an architectural technician is money well spent for several reasons. Firstly, it is likely that the technician working on your behalf has developed a professional relationship with the Local Authority and understands what their policies are and how to work with them. Secondly, your scheme will be realistic and hopefully can be arrived at within your financial budget. After all, there can be nothing worse than building expectation and failing to deliver.

The next two sections provide an insight into the application process and secondly, offer advice should the application be refused.

The Planning Directory

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