When it comes to house appeal, a new bathroom is high on the list of must do projects.

According to the Nationwide Building Society, the creation of a new ensuite or second bathroom can add 5% to your home's value.

Beyond monetary gain, these improvements can quite literally transform your home, improve your quality of life and when it comes to selling, provide you with the advantage over similar style homes that are presently on the market.

BathroomsDo I Need Building Regulations?

Work to refit a bathroom with new units and fittings does not generally require building regulations approval, although drainage or electrical works that form part of the refit may require approval under the building regulations.

If a bathroom is to be provided in a room where there wasn't one before, building regulations approval is likely to be required to ensure that the room will have adequate ventilation and drainage, and meet requirements in respect of structural stability, electrical and fire safety.

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