Working From Home

With improvements in information technology and the greater use of personalcomputers, more and more people are discarding the daily commute by setting up business at home. Not only is this more sustainable but financially savvy given that the rented office is no longer needed. In planning terms, planning permission would not normally be required if the overall character of your home is not changed as a result of the business being conducted here.

To answer this question, you must ask yourself the following:-

  1. Will your home be used mainly as a private home?
  2. Will there be a noticeable increase in both traffic and people visiting?
  3. Will the business generate any activities unusual in a residential area?
  4. Will the business have a detrimental impact upon neighbours by virtue of the creation of nuisance and noise or smells?

In their quest to control business activities within residential areas, theLocal Authority is keen to ensure that the essential character of your street is not compromised by any business activity going on thereabouts. If it were found that a business were taking place there without the necessary change of use permission, it is likely that the business will be the subject of some kind of enforcement action to either regularise it or halt it. Therefore please ask yourself the above or if in doubt, discuss your business proposal directly with your Local Authority.

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