October 10, 2010 by FEE in forum Home Improvement Forum

#45 FEE , 10 October 2010, 15:31

Hi my husband has built a wooden roofed structure to cover our gazibo so we casn use it all year round - there will be sides but only the cotton gazibo ones, it is right next to oure boudry - Do we need planing permission andwould w ebe likely to get it? thanks

#51 James Roberts, 23 October 2010, 07:35


Irrespective of what the gazibo is constructed from (unless it is in a conservation area or your house is listed), planning legislation is only interested in the volume that the structure will create i.e. the usable space. I suggest you look at the section on the website that deals with detached structures. The part of most relevance to you is to do with its height in relation to a boundary.

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