Access road to new house in back garden

January 17, 2012 by Mulder in forum Planning Forum

#152 Mulder, 17 January 2012, 08:27


I'm considering putting planning permission in to build a house or maybe more if circumstances allow... at the back of my property. We are lucky in that we have a 6 metre gap between us and the house next door which is on my property and this opens up onto my driveway and the street. We are on a quiet residential road but as its a bus route I've been told we need swing room onto the access road.

Questions are:

1) Is this correct and what do they class as as a swing access in terms of room etc

2)is a single lane adequate for an access road(maybe for two or more properties) widening at the top or is two required?

3)Are these questions for the highway agency or local planning office

4) There is a Green BT box on the verge where I will need to put the new drive. Is this moveable and would it be my cost..if so any indication?

Thanks in advance

#153 alex newell, 17 January 2012, 17:33

Highway access is an issue and something that needs to be considered as part of the application. Before you drill down into that level of detail, the principle of residential development on the site needs to be addressed first. I therefore suggest you contact one of the planning agents advertised on this site. Hopefully, they will be able to assess fairly quickly what the policy position is first.

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