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November 8, 2020 by Harry Turner in forum Planning Forum

#851 Harry Turner, 8 November 2020, 13:57


We are looking to re-submit a previously rejected application to our local council to convert an agriculture building to a dwelling.

The building in question is timber and metal barn that has been used for the storage of hay and horses. The building was built by my grandfather and is currently owned now by my father. This sits on approximately 8 acres of land that is used for the grazing of horses.

The previous application appears to have been rejected on the basis that the council had no evidence to suggest the building was used for agricultural use. However, they also state they could not disprove this.

This is where I believe we have a good chance of having this overturned. I have linked the previous application below with further information. It would be amazing if anyone could offer assistance in this field.

The original application was submitted in 2018 by my parents. I am now looking to have this approved as my partner and I would love to begin the journey of converting this barn into a family home.

18/00432/DPDP3M - Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of Agricultural building to a dwelling house (classC3)

I am not well versed in the planning permission world but believe this falls under the permitted development rights. To which we are applying for prior approval for.

I believe we only need to evidence that the building in question was used exclusively for agriculture use. My question is how do we do this? This was never used in a commercial manner, so no invoices or sales exist. This was purely for recreation and leisure. My family have always kept horses as pets as apposed for income. I believe this is where our problem is going to arise?

Any insight or knowledge from someone that understands this application would be truly appreciated!

#852 Damian, 9 November 2020, 18:26

I saw the same thread on DIYnot.

Having had a glance over the Officers’ Report, all the advice needed to potentially secure approval is listed there. As you’ve already had a formal decision, this should open up a dialog the Planning Officer. Failing that, you could look to seek their Pre-application advice. For a more thorough and detailed appraisal, you would be best off speaking to and appointing a Planning Consultant.

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