Amenity Land enforcement & Planning

February 5, 2022 by Steve in forum Planning Forum

#1214 Steve, 5 February 2022, 13:29

Good Afternoon, I am just trying to seek some views on an enforcement matter. We have a small strip of amnenity land which runs the length of our fence which we have maintained. Due to an extension we moved our side gate to the side of the house which then meant walking across the small amenity strip to the pavement. In order to stop it getting muddy I have placed 2 paving slabs into the ground instead of a bit of grass. (less than 5m2). A neighbour has objected and council now stating it requires planning permission as it is a 'hard standing and means of access'. We would have walked across the grass, so the access is the same. I am not sure if they are just trying it on, or does it require planning. They accept it is 'not a change of use' and purely that its hard standing and means of access. Any reviews are welcome!

#1216 Damian, 7 February 2022, 08:00

It would depend on the wording or description of amenity land as per the original Planning approval.

Experience suggests the installation of hard standing would not be covered or allowed under the conditions of the approval, hence requiring Planning.

It also seems that the works are beyond the curtilage of the dwelling, which are not covered via Permitted Development.

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