Builder received permission and building on Land that is not his

February 18, 2018 by Amanda in forum Planning Forum

#562 Amanda, 18 February 2018, 14:40

My father (85 years old) has a workshop which was sold to him with a parking bay at the back of a yard. He has deeds and has accessed the yard for 30+.years He also put fencing up and it's clearly visible on council maps. However he has been approach by unknown people pushing him to sell and now the council have approved plans to build on 1/2 of his parking. The fencing marking out his bay has been removed and the locks to the yard changed.

I had to alert planning officer to the fact that my father owned a small piece of land to their 1st reject application. So the outline drawing was changed but the block/plots layout was not? I think that the drawings are misleading and the process is encouraging the applicant to bully my father. What do you recommend please?

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