Builders Built My Outbuilding Higher Than 2.5m

August 22, 2019 by Robert in forum Planning Forum

#663 Robert, 22 August 2019, 07:34

Hi, I have had an outbuilding built at the bottom of my garden in the last month or so, it falls within 1m of the neighbour's boundary but is built out of concrete blocks.

I discovered today that despite me telling the builders that it mustn't be higher than 2.5m in height with a flat sloped roof, it actually exceeds this. On one side it's about 2.8m I think.

I'm absolutely mortified and now completely panicking in case one of the neighbours phones the council, I couldn't afford to have it lowered and the positions of the doors I think would make that impossible, I could never afford to have it rebuilt again as well, it's gutting.

My questions are, if this did get reported would the additional height be seen as a strong enough breach of regulations by the council to warrant enforcement? Is there anything I can do before then, I believe it's measured from the height of the highest point of natural ground level adjacent to the building, one side is higher than the others, could I backfill the that side potentially?

I'm absolutely gutted, I did everything correctly with all the right intentions! :-(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Rob (Very Worried Owner.)

#674 Colin K, 12 September 2019, 11:26

My understanding is that Eaves Height must not be more than 2.5m

So if the lower part of the roof is 2.5 you should be OK.

A standard room needs to be about 2.3m ceiling height so plannners know that the roof needs to be higher.

I am happy for someone to tell me I am wrong

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