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June 21, 2015 by rommy in forum Planning Forum

#429 rommy, 21 June 2015, 00:10

I am looking to buy a bungalow for the purpose of extending it upwards by adding a second story to it.

I've viewed a bungalow that neighbours a two story building next door on one side, and another bungalow on the other.

Half of the street consists of bungalows and the other half is made up of conventional two story buildings. The property I am considering is the in the middle of the street - where the bungalows stop (this particular bungalow being the last such one), and two story buildings begin.

I realise there is probably a great deal to take into account when trying to make an intelligent assessment as to whether such a property would be a good prospect for planning permission, but was wondering if there was any feedback anyone might have re planning permission in such circumstances?

In particular, are there any general rules of thumb about second story bungalow extension provided the property neighbours a double story property? and are there any due diligence steps I should take before deciding to purchase?


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