Changing colour of door and windows

February 27, 2014 by A Stoddart in forum Planning Forum

#361 A Stoddart, 27 February 2014, 19:47

I have been informed by planning that my house although in conservation area is not under Article 4 direction yet they will not permit me to change from brown to white window and door. This was their comment: Your house is just outside of the village and Article 4 Area, however, the permitted development rights were removed from the estate when it was built in 1974 relating to extensions and alterations, therefore planning consent would be required to do most works to properties, dependent of where the proposed extension was located and also the projection and height would dictate whether a fee would be required, I would require more details relating to this criteria before I could let you know if a fee would be required.

In regards to the windows to the rear and the front door being white, it is not something we would support in this area, I am aware that some of the properties have white front doors, however, they may not have planning consent to do this.
What would happen if I did change the windows and doors without consulting planning-could they take me to court and would they? Many thanks

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