Clarification - planning permission, window to door

May 8, 2020 by James Flannery in forum Planning Forum

#709 James Flannery, 8 May 2020, 16:42

Good afternoon,

Ok, if any of you guys could provide any advice, I'd be more than grateful! Seems the last few hours spend on google have provided different result.

Essentially, I am a Joiner to trade and live (or did) in a cottage(not listed) which only has one entrance/exit. In bonny Scotland.

Our bedroom to the rear of the house had two windows within. I did have issues with one of the windows, leeking etc and decided to replace it with a singular patio door. I also formed the opinion that it would be safer to have another exit point in the event of a fire, as climbing through the excisting windows could prove fatal.

So, here is where I think I have went wrong. I didnt inform my local council. Stupidly, I read on google that I didn't need permission. The job has now been complete for a year now and it is perfect. However, I happen to stumble accross an article that suggested I needed the permission and that it could cause me issues selling the house in future. This is where I hope you can advise, please?

I will descibe breifly what I did during the installation of this door.

Firstly, I opened the inside of the window up, removing plasterboard etc to reveal the stone work.

I then observed a heavy stone lintel which would span the exterior side and 3 concrete lintels which I assume have replaced the wooden ones before we bough the place.

Content with the lintels, I measured the door. 3 weeks later, I took the window out and began to take the stone from below it.

From experience, it looked at this point that there had already been a door opening there, certainly by how neet the coins presented etc on the exterior (exterior was dashed).

Anyway, the rest all went in ok, dpc, etc. I also moved a couple of the air bricks for the sub-floor.

All in all, the job has been done the best of my abilitu, however, I now have this doubt hanging over me. Like I said, I have seen more articles saying I didnt need permission/ or a grant but proably should of advised my local authority.

I have since checked the copy deeds etc and have found nothing that would restrict me altering windows or doors.

Can anyone advise please? As far as I am concerned I have made the property safer for my family and more attractive.

I am nothing wanted to get into any trouble and only want things done right, so if that involves informing the council retrospectively then I will do so.

If I have 'messed up' then can anyone advise on how I can rectify this and potential cost if I have to go to council?

I have all photos of the installation from start to finish which will corroborate what I have done.

Thanks for reading.

Many thanks


#719 Damian, 15 June 2020, 20:41

So in effect, have you formed a Juliet balcony? If so and assuming this rear wall is original (i.e. when the house was built), then you can install Juliet balconies under PD. Not knowing how the processes work in Scotland but in England, Council’s offer applicants to submit a Certificate of Lawfulness application for works that are PD. Failing that, we can submit a CoL application for works that have been carried out and completed for 4 years.

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