conversion of coach house

August 27, 2020 by Rob Boulton in forum Planning Forum

#788 Rob Boulton, 27 August 2020, 09:55

Does the conversion of a detached coach house/garage to an annex require planning consent. The garage is in the grounds of a detached property, not listed and not in a conservation area. It is not the intention to create a separate dwelling.

#790 Damian, 27 August 2020, 23:05

Could the coach house be classed as an outbuilding of which those PD rules would be applicable?

#791 Rob Boulton, 28 August 2020, 09:00

Yes it would be an existing outbuilding. In which case could it be converted to an annex under PD?

#793 Damian, 28 August 2020, 19:08

By an annexe, I assume you mean it will have its own independent facilities that are completely separate from the main house? If so, then no... it would not be considered PD. If however you are talking about providing a study/games room with a W.C., then that would normally be permitted.

#903 Steven Brook, 27 January 2021, 14:49

Hello, could anyone tell me if I require planning permission to install a toilet in my garage coach house, I would have to exit through my garage back wall run a 4inch pipe along the outside wall about 15 feet then re enter where the stack is located.
Many thanks !

#904 Damian, 27 January 2021, 17:50

Not Planning, but Building Regulations.

#1056 Mrs Woods, 5 August 2021, 16:48

Would I get planning permission to add a window in kitchen on top floor over looking back gardens on a estate

#1057 Damian, 6 August 2021, 07:39

Windows installed above ground floor level to the front or rear elevations are usually considered to be Permitted Development.

Windows installed above ground floor level to side elevations are also usually considered to be Permitted Development, providing they’re obscured and have no openings below 1.7m above internal floor level.

#1061 Ben murphy , 9 August 2021, 12:24

Hi everyone. Would a 2 story garage above 4m. Which has stood for 13 years, would require planning permission to have a dorma attached to side elevation, and a single story extension added to the rear?


#1067 Damian, 9 August 2021, 18:54

Yes it would… as the Council have told you.

There is no need or reason for you to create several posts/questions on the same subject either.

#1205 Ellison, 26 January 2022, 17:06

Would I require any permissions or anything of the sort, if i were to put french doors at the end of the garage of my coach house in which the french doors lead into my own private garden? The french doors will be in place of a small window that is already on the back wall.

#1206 Damian, 26 January 2022, 23:43

If the property is listed, then you will require Planning.

As it’s a structural change, a Building Regulation application should be submitted.

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