Detached building as boundary/party wall fence

January 23, 2022 by Phil. in forum Planning Forum

#1200 Phil. , 23 January 2022, 11:26

Hi, so I have a neighbor prepping to demolish a detached bungalow which since the 1920s has formed the boundary against my boundary separated by a sideway of about 1.3 metres on my side. Once the bungalow is down the proposal is that a standard wood fence will be erected. Question therefore is would anyone know if they would be expected to issue me a party wall notice in lieu of the demolition? TIA

#1202 Damian, 23 January 2022, 15:15

It would all be covered hereā€¦

#1203 Phil. , 23 January 2022, 22:13

Thanks Damian, will take a look

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