Do I need planning permission?

November 21, 2011 by Liz R in forum Planning Forum

#131 Liz R, 21 November 2011, 10:25

My boyfriend lives in a leasehold purpose built maisonette which has its own stairs and rear garden. He has a mortgage on the property.

He has a rather enthusiastic builder who has built a garden building at the end of his garden which is much larger than we both imagined. It is built of brieze blocks with a predominantly flat roof (but with a fake pitch on the front)and goes right up to the boundaries on both sides of the garden. It has a double patio door and two single doors (one on the back) so you can walk right through the property.

The remaining garden is still a large 20m x 8m but, Im worried that it should have had planning permission.

#132 claire , 22 November 2011, 11:51

do I need planning permission to re-roof in a conservation area?

#209 Russell Ellis, 22 April 2012, 17:45

I have two fields separated by a brook and want to build a bridge wide enough to get a tractor through. Do I need planning permission?

#252 wendy wood, 12 September 2012, 17:14

we had a conserverty biult in 2001 did we need and permissions as cant find any think as selling house

#270 William Bishop, 16 November 2012, 22:45

Is planning permission required to park and store vehicles on an unused piece of land, the ownership of which is unknown.

#387 karina bednarska, 7 August 2014, 23:37

Hi there I am buying a house in bedfond area.I would like to ask if I can put render (plaster on external walls)with isolation outside this property or render(plaster) only to safe energy.If yes what's the thickness isolation i can use.The walls are of cavity brick.

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