Does building on party wall impact planning permission?

March 31, 2021 by Jules in forum Planning Forum

#981 Jules, 31 March 2021, 14:24

We submitted a planning application to extend our ground floor flat.

In the designs, we built up to - but not on - the party wall boundary with one of our neighbours. So in the designs, we were building on our own land.

We have since decided we prefer to build astride the party wall, and have had a surveyor issue a party wall notice and will arrange for a party wall award with the neighbour. My question is, does this impact the planning application we've already submitted, which DID NOT show us building on the party wall. If we build on the party wall, the design will remain the same, it will just be that the wall starts on the party wall rather than just next to it.

Would we need to submit a new planning application or does it not matter for planning whether or not we end up building on the party wall, as long as a party wall award has been agreed with the neighbour?

Thank you

#984 Damian, 31 March 2021, 23:28

You should technically build what you have received Planning approval for. Any deviation from that ‘could’ open you up to enforcement action. Whether the LPA would decide to take that action for what may be a small increase is negotiable.

I have also just commented on your thread on MSE. If taking that walk closer to the boundary means there may be an element of overhanging, you should look to sign Certificate B and serve notice on the neighbour.

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