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July 21, 2010 by Tony Barnett in forum Planning Forum

#36 Tony Barnett, 21 July 2010, 19:45

Hi,I live in a semi detached dormer bungalow. The attached garage was built at the same time as the bungalow in 1960 and the brickwork is keyed into the side wall. I have just applied for building regs to extend the garage sideways to make it a double and it would reach the side boundry of the property which borders onto a carpark. I have been told that I need Planning as the new garage would be more than half the width of the original house. My question is, does the measurement for the width of the original house include the original garage which is stepped back from the front elevation towards the rear of the property. If it does I can reduce the dimension for the width of the garage by about 200mm and it would then be less than the half width.
If the width of the original garage is not included then I will indeed need to apply for planning. Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks

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