Extension And Double Garage

November 13, 2019 by Beth Smith in forum Planning Forum

#681 Beth Smith, 13 November 2019, 10:56

I have 2 projects i'd like to do to my property in Wales within the next year.

First I have a single storey extension approx 6m in length from the main building and 4m width built roughly 15-20 year ago. If I wanted to turn this into a 2 storey, so add an additional bedroom with an en suite would I need planning permission for the 2nd storey? Could I extend the the 2nd storey to the whole 6m length - mid terraced house.

Secondly at the bottom of my garden I currently have a single garage built approx 15 years ago. Block construction, sheeting on roof, electric shutter doors, height less than 4m. If I wanted to knock this down to create a double garage would I need planning permission if I kept the same height and length just increased the width.

Any advice on what is needed in terms of planning permission, architects, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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