Extension to my semi-detached property

April 12, 2022 by Dr. Bakar Abu in forum Planning Forum

#1255 Dr. Bakar Abu, 12 April 2022, 10:22

I am planning extension to the rear of my semi-detached property.
Option 1: I want to build a kitchen at the place of conservatory by removing it. Its single floor flat-room one. How much can i extend and what will i need to submit an application for extension.
option2: I wan to build 2 story extension at the same place (at the rear of the property. What are my options in this case and how can i apply and what will I need to do so?

#1258 Damian, 17 April 2022, 20:14

Speak to a local architect/designer who will guide you through the fees, processes and timescales.

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