extension to my single story galley kitchen

July 11, 2019 by leon in forum Planning Forum

#647 leon , 11 July 2019, 13:48

Hello,I own a detatched house and have had an architect do the drawings to extend the with of our galley kitchen by 3m. I am now looking progress forward with things and would like a little bit of advise as everyone I have spoken to so far just wants money. We have a galley kitchen single storey that is 8m long and are looking to take the wall down and extent out under 3m and then put on a flat roof as opposed to a pitched roof which is on there now. Now I am trying to find out if this is classed as permitted development and if so should I apply before I start work? I know how stupid this sounds but the architect told me to say the groundworks have started and this will speed up the application. Or would I need planning permission? I have read on .Gov that upto 8m on a detatched house is classed as permitted development?Any help or advise will be truly helpful and much appreciated.Leon

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