Fences on first floor flat

September 3, 2020 by anca in forum Planning Forum

#803 anca, 3 September 2020, 21:22

We have installed new slatted fences on our first floor flat. We had fences around 50 cm tall and the new fences are 1 m tall (with a 1 m brick wall as well) giving a total of around 2m. This is for a cat containment system.

A neighbour has complained to the council and the council is saying this is against planning regulation and, unless the neighbour drops the complaints, we will need to remove them/lower them. I have suggested we might ask for retrospective planning approval but he's of the opinion that this is not likely to pass. Do you have experience in this respect or views? We are in Haringey.

#805 Damian, 3 September 2020, 23:02

Although the neighbour has complained, that does not mean nor dictate the outcome of any Planning decision as decisions stay with the property and not the person. What is the LPA’s issue with the proposed enclosure... it’s appearance? If so, could you offer an obscured glass (or similar) alternative?

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