Flat roof to pitched roof

January 28, 2013 by Adrian Brudenell in forum Planning Forum

#283 Adrian Brudenell, 28 January 2013, 20:46


Would anybody be able to advise me if planing permission would be required for the following:

Changing a garage roof from flat to pitched. The garage is joined to the house and is set back approximately 6m from the front face of the house. The garage sits to the right hand side of the house and the right hand wall is on the boundary to our land. The eves height would be 2.3m. The pitch height would be 4.5m if the angle of the house roof is mirrored and the ridge sits centrally to the garage.

Is the 4.5m the only factor that requires me to get planning permission ? If so would it be advisable to reduce the pitch angle to 23 degrees as oppose to 34 degrees. Or keep the 34 degrees at the front and offset the ridge to have a 23 degree pitch on the rear (tiles are 15 degree minimum)

Thanks in advance for any help/advise


#284 wishbone ash, 16 February 2013, 09:06

Hi The Permitted Development rules do not cover changing a flat roof to a pitched roof so Planning Permission will be required.

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