Flue Installed In Extension AFTER Built

May 3, 2019 by aaron smith in forum Planning Forum

#636 aaron smith, 3 May 2019, 11:28

I am wondering if anyone has had this issue before..

We recently completed an extension under building control and has been completed and signed off.

Following completion of the extension, we decided to install a wood burner in the property which happened to be in the new part of the house (the back of the house) as it was less disruptive to our neighbours as it could not been seen from the road rather than central to the room which would have been to the side of the house. Our neighbour (who has complained already about the extension and now complained to the council about this...he complains about everything we do).

We believed this was permitted under General Permitted Development 2015, Schedule 2 Class G permissions for a dwelling house. We had never added any details to the extension plans as it was never our intention to get one. However, we have recently been contacted by the council whereby they have confirmed that the wood burner has been installed under General Permitted Development 2015, Schedule 2 A.1 (k) (iii) and therefore in breach and have asked us to submit planning permission for this (which is likely to not be approved) and therefore will need to be moved approximately 0.7metres to the previously “existing” part of the home.

However, I feel that as the extension has been completed and signed off it should now be considered part of the "existing" dwellinghouse for this further development of installing a log burner/flue.

Many thanks,

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