Front elevation and permitted development.

April 26, 2020 by Chris in forum Planning Forum

#706 Chris, 26 April 2020, 20:36

I’m struggling to get a definitive answer on this and the council is a
None starter due to
My1960s detached house has an adjoined single garage that protrudes about 3m forward of the main house front elevation. This was there since the house was built.

We’d like to build a single story extension to the front of approx 2m depth. The garage will still be the most forward part of the house. For permitted development purposes, is this allowed?

#720 Damian, 15 June 2020, 20:43

The only front extensions you can carry out via PD is a porch. Anything else that is proposed forward of the principal building line/elevation is not considered PD. Houses can also have staggered front walls, which catches people out where they think they can infill a front area to square off walls via PD.

#849 Alice Rickards, 7 November 2020, 19:26

I have a similar query, but not infilling next to the garage but our front porch projects 2m beyond the rest of the house and we’d like to ‘fill in’ that space. (The entire street have the same design - it’s original in the 1970’s design.) We would then move the front door to the side of the house as it is end of terrace and has a decent sized side access. Does this make sense?

#850 Damian, 7 November 2020, 21:55

Similarly to the advice above, that sounds like a front extension of which would require formal Planning and therefore not considered to be PD.

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