Garage conversion connecting to the house

January 23, 2022 by Dean Reed in forum Planning Forum

#1199 Dean Reed, 23 January 2022, 10:55

I currently have a detached garage which lays right on the border of the boundaries. We want to knock this down and build a summerhouse which will then connect to the main house. It will remain of similar size to the garage but my main query is, will it now need planning permission as this is no longer a garage and now connects to the house? Can the new building go where the current building is? Right on the border? Can anyone help? Lots of conflicting advice online. Thank you so much ??

#1201 Damian, 23 January 2022, 15:14

It will be deemed as an extension, so to be exempt from Planning (i.e. PD), it would need to comply with the following…

#1207 Dean Reed, 27 January 2022, 23:32

Thank you Damian! You diamond! Very helpful

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