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June 21, 2020 by Michael in forum Planning Forum

#729 Michael, 21 June 2020, 18:46

Hi guys, bit of a strange one and lengthy but please stick with me. Im totally new to this but i beleive the circumstances are so unique that it isnt straight forward enough to just jump in with both feet and instead i should seek advice from far more experienced/knowledgable than I.

I bought my house 2 years ago. Its an end terrace, but wasnt always. It was a ‘second off end’ house but the end house was demolished. So my house came with the land of another house on the side of it.

Now i want to build the biggest garage possible on this land. But i need to weigh up my options of whether i get a concrete sectional garage, or can i make a lean to structure? The area of my intended garage would be 26ft x 15ft (if i built a lean to) or 24x14ft if i use a prefab garage.

Would i be right in assuming that wont conform to permitted development? A few People have suggested that as neither of them options would be ‘permanent fixture’, i wouldnt need any planning permission or building regs.

Secondly, the ‘end house’ land that i intend to build on is on a seperate deed to my actual house, so when we build the lean to, it will literally go ‘boundary to boundary’ of this land deed, and when they talk of ‘50% of the area of the original house’ the house is on a seperate deed so does this mean its not applicable?

Basically im wanting the biggest garage possible so i never have to think about upgrading in the future. However, if it comes to me needing building regs and getting tradesmen to come in and ‘sign off’ all the electrics etc it will cost far FAR too much to make it financially viable. Whereas as i am capable of doing all the work necessary myself if i can do it without having to pay for certificates etc.

I have recently built a very sturdy boundary wall measuring in at 6’6 tall, which stands on the original houses foundations, and have also recently laid a concrete base spanning the area of the planned garage. Now in the ‘lean to’ idea i would be building a sloped roof off of this boundary wall, up to the gable end of my house. But by using said boundary wall on foundations, would the council see this as more of an extension on the house (even though theyre two seperate deeds or would i get off on a technicality) or could i say it is a lean to garden shelter with little consequence?

I have spoke to several neighbors in the street and none of them have any objection to me having a garage, and all agree that seeing as there used to be a 2 story house there, how can they knock me back for a single story garage?

If you made it to the end, thankyou, and i look forward to hearing from you


#732 Damian, 23 June 2020, 22:40

A bit of d’ai ja vu...


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