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May 30, 2011 by alison in forum Planning Forum

#66 alison , 30 May 2011, 20:34

Please can someone give me a bit of advice. I am a self employed part time nail technician and I want to start working from a garden office that I would get put up in my back garden. I would also use it for storage of my little girls toys. It is under 2.5m and the planning office are saying that if we were apply for permission they would knock us back???? I do about 3 hours a day 3-4 days a week. I can provide off road parking.
They are saying that there would be a marked increase in traffic which I feel that there wouldnt seeing as though I can only do 1 person at a time and also they say it is in a wholly residential area, which - yes it is a residential road however we are the end house and we are adjacent to a Ford Dealershp garage and bodyshop??? Can anyone give me a bit of advice???? What if I just go ahead and get it could they make me take it down? What if I use it for storage for 6 months then use it for my business after that>???? xx

#69 Dave Andrews, 5 June 2011, 20:28

Dear Alison,

I can understand your predicament and can also see where the Planning Service is coming from. However, I feel they are being overly cautious and from my experience, similar types of businesses have been granted permission to work from home and have not caused issues to neighbours on amenity grounds. I would start by getting a local ward councillor on board who can lobby your case. I would also seek another meeting with the planners and make clear that you would accept conditions being attached to any permission restricting the number of visitors to your home together with hours of operation for example. Beyond that, I would submit an application setting out how you intend to operate your business, the fact you have parking and that you are prepared to meet any reasonable conditions attached to a permission. If permission is refused, you then have opportunity to appeal to a Planning Inspector.

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