Garden room obstructing window

May 3, 2021 by Steve in forum Planning Forum

#1001 Steve , 3 May 2021, 20:41

Hi. I am buying a 28m2 garden room for leisure use, less than 2.5m in height. I want to place it along one fence, probably within 1m of the boundary. It will not take up substantial space of my garden and so I don't think I need planning. However, the issue is the neighbours bungalow is very near the boundary (0.5m) as it is the remaining half of a semi detached bungalow. The neighbour has a relatively small obscured bathroom window on that side of the house which my garden room will sit in front of. I dont think the light going into her bathroom will be greatly impacted but there will of course be an impact to some degree. Does this actually mean I have a planning issue? Thanks in advance for any qualified comments. Steve

#1002 Damian, 5 May 2021, 03:05

Nothing to do with Planning, even the potential loss of light to the neighbouring window. If you’re building or erecting something that is PD, Planning policy does not come into it. Irrespective of that, an obscured window doesn’t let a lot of light through anyway. And plus, Bathrooms are not habitable rooms so even if Planning was relevant, the room itself would not be taken into consideration.

How is the garden room to be constructed as it may require BR’s?

#1003 Steve , 11 May 2021, 14:56

Hi. Thank you for that, very useful. I have recently agreed with the neighbour that what I want to do is ok with her.

The construction is SIP panels with a flat roof. I'm not aware brs are needed, but do you think I shld look into?

#1004 Damian, 12 May 2021, 22:42

If you can provide the structure is non-combustible then you’d be exempt from BR’s. However, it’s very difficult if not impossible to be able to prove that with any form of timber construction, which may therefore suggest you’ll need BR’s.

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