Gated rose arch entrance to garden

July 30, 2016 by Jon Pepper in forum Planning Forum

#488 Jon Pepper, 30 July 2016, 18:52

Hi, we own a piece of land opposite our home. It contains our sewage treatment plant and is partly landscaped. Wewant to install a gated rose arch, 2m high approx. There will be two gates about 0.9m high. The arch is approx 2m wide.

Is PP needed? An old gate was present when we bought the house many years ago.

#1074 Judith Bagshaw, 13 August 2021, 15:28

Do I need planning permission to put up an arch for roses to grow over in the front garden. My house is in a conservation area. I am not overlooked by any neighbours

#1075 Damian, 14 August 2021, 20:47

Assuming you’re not talking about some kind of masonry structure, then no Planning approval would be required.

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