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#608 Dook, 14 December 2018, 12:47

I was contacted by the local planning dept to say that I need to make a retrospective application for a grain silo which I have erected on my land and intend for use as an artists studio. The land is greenbelt/brownfield having been previously developed as a water pumping station and a building has been in situ for more than 100 years. The existing building has B1 use, but is not large enough to be of any use. I believe there is an article 4 in place to prevent further development. The silo will allow double the space using the same footprint as the original building, so it makes much more sense. The land is just under an acre and surrounded by large, prairie style agricutural fields. It is not a conservation area and has electricity pylons/telegraph poles everywhere, plus a huge solar farm opposite, so not sure why the Art 4 was implimented... I was told by the planning officer that I shoud engage a planning consultant, but have very limited funds... if I use my savings for a planning consultant, I won't have enough left to compete my build... think I'm scuppered!! Does anyone have a solution, please?

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