Is my neigbours planning application sound?

June 23, 2021 by Tim in forum Planning Forum

#1037 Tim, 23 June 2021, 11:34

My Neigbour has submitted an application to extend his dining room to the rear to bring it in-line with the current kitchen which extends from the rear of the house a distance of 2.7m.
The proposal also includes extending the basement which involves extensive excavations.
The plans show that the extension would remove part of the current boundary wall with the new extension wall replacing it.
I believe that the proposal contravenes numerous planning, building regs requirements and will probably fail at the first hurdle, however I am a bit nervous that I have missed something, here is a list of points that I am submitting as comments/objections when I reply to the notification received, any advice/comments gratefully received.

1. The proposed plans do not consider any impact on my property, which are considerable.

2. The proposed extension breaks the so called ’45 degree’ rule by a considerable margin, resulting in a massive loss of natural light to the dining room of my property.

3. The proposed limit of the extension shows that it replaces the current boundary wall, which would entail the destruction of a deck and mature raised beds in the Garden of my property.

4. Also, the extension would require new foundations to a currently unknown depth but at least 900mm below the current basement level, the construction of which would also mean the destruction of the basement access stairs to my property.

5. There is insufficient detail regarding the RSJ’s to the existing wall to determine if they encroach into the wall of my property.

6. As the proposal directly effects the boundary wall and the construction of which would require substantial access and distruption to my property, I suspect that the Party wall Act would also be involved.

7. The roof line and new wall also appears to cross the centre of boundary wall.

8. Potential massive disruption to the drainage system which the two properties share.

#1040 Damian, 28 June 2021, 20:26

You can submit those comments but only those that material Planning reasons would be taken into account. Therefore, the ones that would apply would be 2, 3 and 7.

If any part of the proposals are shown to oversail the boundary line, then they should have served notice on you. This is more in relation to the Ownership Certificates as opposed to any party wall issues.

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