Knocking down house and building a cul de sac

October 9, 2018 by Toby Homewood in forum Planning Forum

#600 Toby Homewood, 9 October 2018, 13:10

I live in an area that you might consider as aspirational. It is not a conservation area but recent planning applications have been turned down for even the most discreet one building proposal in back gardens (The houses around here are very long (about 120 metres). The planning applications have always been turned on the basis of harming the character and appearance of the area (even though the proposals would be unseen either from the public domain or private views)

I have a property that includes the bottom half of the garden that originally belonged to the property next door, so I have a garden now that is wide going away from existing house. My garden is about three quarters of an acre in size and could easily accommodate four detached houses with access from the existing frontage if my house was removed.

I am inviting any views on this, the one in particular is as the entire plot will be within the settlement boundary and won't overlook anyone (including their abutting gardens, will the Council be still likely to use the "character and appearance" argument? There are cul de sacs nearby and the place generally is very eclectic in style.
Thank you.

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