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August 6, 2012 by Simon in forum Planning Forum

#244 Simon, 6 August 2012, 14:09

Hi all, I live in a small middle terraced house and I'm thinking of a lean to type conservatory with slate roof and bottom half bricked to the front and back of my house , the neighbours two doors to the left have a lean to full glass extension and on the right they have a full extension to the side of the house that wraps around to the front by 2.5 meters out. Would anyone here think I would be refused a conservatory or extension With these to my left and right.
The back of the house there's just a yard 5 meters wide by 4 meters from back of house wall to boundary ( path then small road ) I'm wanting to build the same thing here , stepped in from side boundary by about 500/600 mm ether side and 2 meters out , I've been asked to draw a rough sketch of said plans and pay £25 before theyll even speak to me about it.

Cheers all. Simon

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