Multi-family living - planning issues

August 2, 2020 by Tom Pocock in forum Planning Forum

#761 Tom Pocock, 2 August 2020, 07:21

Hi. We are two unrelated families with children who wish to buy a property jointly. The first option is to buy a house and extend it. Is it an option to do this ‘unofficially’ ie extend it by the maximum size allowed under permitted development, and just divide it up internally? Or is it better to go down the planning route, but how is it viewed if you want to put in a second kitchen, for example? The other option is to buy somewhere that already has outbuildings or an annexe, and convert them. But in that case, if the accommodation was self contained, it would need planning. What would be the chances of getting that? Lastly, is C3/C4 planning an issue for two unrelated families? Any advice gratefully received.

#762 Damian, 2 August 2020, 18:29

You cannot carry out the change of use to 2no. separate dwellings via PD so it would require formal PP.

Outbuildings can be carried out via PD providing they meet the various criteria. But an outbuilding that would be used as a separate/self-contained dwelling would require formal PP in addition to BR’s.

Not entirely sure what you mean by your last question but the process and outcome of any Planning application is the same irrespective of who owns what.

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