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February 10, 2020 by Drew SMITH in forum Planning Forum

#691 Drew SMITH, 10 February 2020, 14:11

Hi there
We have lived next door to a holiday park for the last 9 years. Shortly after moving in we realised that, according to the deeds of our house the closest caravan is in a place that should be left clear.
We had no issues with it so although we told the manager it wasn't a problem....
UNTIL last year, when he put a hot tub between this caravan and the boundary wall. This tub is about 5m from the corner of our bedroom and the noise is intolerable when people are using it, normally with a drink or 10, in the evening and into the night.
The manager isn't willing to remove the tub, even though he knows that even the flipping caravan shouldn't be there!
I have raised it as an issue with the local Planning (enforcement) officer and they are investigating, but won't comment until they have finished.
Can anyone give me an opinion as to whether this is likely to contravene planning regulations, or is it likely to be a legal matter that I will need to take up, in relation to the deeds?
Many thanks in advance

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