Neighbours right to use my properties history of planning.

January 2, 2022 by Callum in forum Planning Forum

#1177 Callum, 2 January 2022, 18:13

We have recently (2019) purchased a plot of land which planning history dates back to 1970's. This was for use of a caravan on the site. The previous owners died and their family members inherited the plot and applied for planning for a house. Outlined planning was granted and the property was put up for sale. We purched the property and due to not having to means to do the build immediately, applied for the wire to be used for a mobile home. (I was not aware that I could usebit for a caravan anyway so this was a silly mistake and waste of money (I know) we. Recently had news means daughter will need a house that meets the needs of her serious disability. So we are currently getting our planning advisor to draw up the planning for a house to meet her needs so we can put in for this planning. Any way in the mean time the land surrounding our land/property (mobile home) has been sold and the new owners have no planning. However they are living there in caravans without permission. They have named the plot, have electric, have bins taken by council and the council have not moved them on yet. I recently checked the planning portal locally to see it they have applied for anything and the property history says nothing. Although I have seen that they have recently (December) applied for continued use of land with caravan which uses my address and the previous permission from 1970's. I am looking for suggested action for me to take? Also if they have anychance of trying to claim a right to planning already used by me and my family.

#1180 Damian, 7 January 2022, 19:14

You would need to speak to a Planning consultant as it’s too specific.

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