Deed of Grant of Easement for Private Access Road

January 6, 2019 by AtchinTan in forum Planning Forum

#611 AtchinTan , 6 January 2019, 08:05

I have recently purchased some agricultural land in Wakefield, South Yorkshire. The site is served by a private access road build by Yorkshire Water Limited on land owned by the people who’s land it crosses. Adjacent fields served by the same road show the respective portion of the road included within their title however the land we purchased fails to show the section of road within the title, or for that matter any other title. The land was sold and included the deed of grant of easement signed by previous owners of the land allowing Yorkshire Water to build the road on that portion of land and in turn giving the owner the right to use it.

Does the deed of grant of easement prove that the land under the road belongs to the same land in the title I purchased and can I petition the Land Registry to amend the title document to reflect this.


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