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October 12, 2011 by szofar in forum Planning Forum

#97 szofar, 12 October 2011, 23:32

A friend has 2 shop properties together. He had shop fronts changed both with shutters one shop shutter is recessed and the other has projected shutter coil box due to metal beam behind.
After he fitted the fronts he was told he required planning permission. He submitted the plans and was refused due to the properties being in the Town Centre Conservation Area.
He has received a enforcement notice buy hand. The council have given him six months to remove the unauthorised shutters from the premises and reinstate the former shop front as it was previous.

Particulars of decision:

1 The installation of security shutters in the position proposed, obscuring the head of the window openings and incorporating projecting shutter coil boxes and shutter guides on the face of the building would create an unacceptable visual elements and be contrary to councils adopted policy on the installation of security shutters.
2 The new shop front, by reason of its design and use of materials, would be detrimental to the visual amenities of the area and if approved could set an undesirable precedent for the approval of similar poorly designed shop fronts constructed of inappropriate materials, which would be difficult to the refuse and would contrary to saved policies E10, E8, and R7 of the Local Plan as well as policies Env 6 and 7 of the Core Strategy.

Please can anyone help about this or if there is any loopholes or any argument which can be put forward on appeal.


#99 Andy Johnson, 13 October 2011, 16:28

Your friend has an issue in this case. From what you state, there are 2 options available: a) to remove the said shutters
B) to appeal the said decision
I suggest you begin by seeking professional advice. I know that Applied Planning who advertise here may be able to help and I suggest you start with them.
Good luck Andy

#104 Catherine, 16 October 2011, 21:46

The easiest way maybe to ask the Council what types of shutters they will approve, they normally have a list and if it is in a conservation area you have to abide by every rule (often put inside the shop rather than outside). They will provide the info if you ask.

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