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April 6, 2022 by C. Vorn in forum Planning Forum

#1249 C. Vorn, 6 April 2022, 17:13

So I've been looking at the regs in relation to garden decking

My house sits at the back of a large parcel of land. The only garden is to the front of the house

Looking out of the house via the lounge (which is part of the 'principal elevation'), I have 20 metres of garden to the front of me and also to the left and right in front of me.

Looking past the garden I see a 2 acre field I own and beyond that are 5 other fields not owned by me, before you hit the road about a half mile or mile away down the hill

To the side of the house is another 2 acre field, on the other side of which is a road, about half a mile away

I've read the regs re decking. I'd like to put some decking up in front of and to the side of the house(IE walk 10 metres out from the lounge and ten metres to the right and put the decking there

I've read the regs and know I can go to a height not in excess of 30cm from the highest land point. I know, taken with all the other buildings, the decking cannot take up more than 50% of the garden

The bit of legislation I cannot fathom or understand is that I cannot build the decking forward of the principle elevation (IE the front of the house)

Surely that cannot be a thing? Are they really saying I cannot have decking forward of the main house, even though I'm a good way from any road, and any neighbour thinking about it? And that's the only place I could put it, because that's where the garden is!

Is this a thing, it have I misinterpreted the regs?

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