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December 17, 2017 by Alison in forum Planning Forum

#548 Alison, 17 December 2017, 00:50

Does anybody know why you need planning permission for a fence over 2 metres? What possible objection
could anyone have to me putting up a fence of just over 2 metres along a boundary?

#552 John Williams (602), 22 January 2018, 06:50

Hi Alison,

Erecting a fence is development, and development requires Planning Permission.

However, our Glorious Leaders, wearing their "benevolent" hats, have decided to make life easy for us by giving us PP in advance, in the form of "Permitted Development".

They have obviously decided that a 2 metre high fence will satisfy most voters, without casting too long a shadow (for instance) over their neighbour's gardens, or otherwise blighting their lives.

You could always invoke the Eleventh Commandment ... DO NOT GET CAUGHT. If your fence is not obviously too high, and nobody complains, why should the Jobsworth from the Planning Dept pay you a visit? If you can get away with it for four years, they will no longer have the authority to stick their noses in. It would be sensible to erect a fence that can easily be reduced in height, and devise some way of proving when it was erected, such as an invoice, or photographs in an unopened registered letter to yourself.

It's easiest to stay within the rules, 2 metres high, or Planning Permission. But once you apply for PP, you will have attracted attention.

Good luck,


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