Old dropped curb, can I park

March 18, 2020 by Ballou in forum Planning Forum

#698 Ballou, 18 March 2020, 15:03


I'm wondering if anyone can advise on whether I need planning permission to park in my front garden.

I live in a terraced vicforian/EdwardIan property in a quiet residential street that was once a livery yard and was converted into a house in the 60s/70s. As such it doesn't have a bay window which affords me a larger front garden than any of the other houses and I could fit my little car in the garden.

I also have a dropped curb right in front of my front garden, and a low garden wall divides my garden from the footpath and is the only thing preventing me from driving straight onto my front lawn.

Can I just remove the garden wall and park or do I need planning permission?

Thanks in advace for any advice

#705 John Williams (aka 602), 23 April 2020, 18:40


My first time on this forum, please excuse any "faux pas". My Email "addy" is my old RAF service number, and I usually sign with my "Last Three".

My limited knowledge suggests that if you "bump over the kerb" the LA can tell you to STOP.

If you do it again, the ONLY option open to the LA is to drop the kerb, and send you the bill. At least, that's what Google told me.

The logic seems to be that you own the ground under the highway, but they want to prevent you from damaging THEIR footpath.

It might be worth you doing a Google for "DROPPED KERBS YOUR POSTCODE". My LA is quite draconian, I can feel a "crusade" coming over me.


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