September 7, 2021 by Sarah in forum Planning Forum

#1096 Sarah, 7 September 2021, 10:33


Regarding Permitted Development for a class E outbuilding, was hoping for clarity on a few points:

1) Is there a requirement for a class E outbuilding to follow the same style (wall materials, window/opening shapes/sizes) as the house itself in any manner? I see no explicit guidance on this

2) I have seen the guidance allowing a dual pitched roof. Would this allow me to have a standard L shaped gable roof like this - https://howtospecialist.com/workshop/how-to-build-an-l-shaped-roof/

thanks, Sarah

#1098 Damian, 8 September 2021, 14:51

There is no requirement under Class E that restricts your proposed materials.

That roof is still technically a dual pitch/gable roof so should be suitable. Assuming the outbuilding would be positioned at least 2m from a boundary, then your overall height with that type of roof should not exceed 4m.

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