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June 30, 2021 by Dookie in forum Planning Forum

#1042 Dookie, 30 June 2021, 11:23

Hello... I wonde rif anyone can offer some advice, please?
For a coule of years I've been living in a redundant building on a small plot of land that I own... The council are now suspicious and are coming to take photos to collate evidence against me. I have no savings so can't afford to see a solicitor. I am a pensioner. Can they make me leave and if so, where will I go?
Many thanks, Dookie.

#1043 Damian, 2 July 2021, 21:30

For what reason are they coming to site to take photos?

If there has been a breach of Planning, then they could take it further. In the first instance and depending on the circumstances, they may invite you to submit a Planning application. That process can be prolonged in the right way but potentially delaying the inevitable.

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