Permitted Development - Rear Extension

August 20, 2021 by Sarah in forum Planning Forum

#1083 Sarah, 20 August 2021, 17:13

Am hoping you can help clarify the position regarding this proposed 6m rear extension. For clarity here is the layout of the proposal:

Is this classified as a Class A permitted development rear extension despite the fact the new extension is behind a previous extension?

Many thanks in advance.

#1085 Damian, 20 August 2021, 21:50

If it was 3m and the resulting extensions (existing and proposed) comply with the PD guidelines, then it would be deemed PD. Anything more then 3m would require Prior Approval.

Btw, are you attached or detached? If it’s the latter, the PD limit is 4m and then 8m via Prior Approval.

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