Permitted development refused but reason not clear

August 8, 2021 by Paul wightwick in forum Planning Forum

#1059 Paul wightwick, 8 August 2021, 12:27

I have applied for permitted development for an extension over a courtyard and 1.5M beyond the rear wall of the house. It was refuse with no real info on why.
The main house semi detached was built in 1886 and is 9M wide and 10M deep, about 1900 an extension (servants quarters) 3.5M wide and 7m deep. 1.5M behind the extension is a livable annexe 4M wide and 5M deep. This creates a courtyard to the side of the extension leading down to the annexe 3M wide and 8.5M deep. All parts of the house and annexe are pre 1948.
The plan was to cover the whole courtyard down to the annexe 1.5M beyond the rear wall of the house, add 1 dividing wall at the end of the extension to create a entrance/cloakroom to the annexe and to remove the side wall of the extension to create a large room.
Is there a legitimate reason that it can't be done under permitted development or have the planning department not understood my plans
Thanks in advance.

#1064 Damian, 9 August 2021, 18:49

The Technical Guidance provides advice and guidance as to what is considered PD. Your refused CoL/LDC application should include some kind of report/summary sheet that explains why your proposals do not constitute PD.

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