Permitted Development with existing balcony

April 29, 2018 by Y Cooke in forum Planning Forum

#582 Y Cooke, 29 April 2018, 17:51


We plan to extend the rear of our house up to the 8m single storey limit under the current temporary PD allowances.
Permitted development does not cover provision of balconies.
We already have a 3m single storey extension with a balcony over which was built with all required planning consents. Our new extension will therefore build on to the existing extension by 5m, bringing the total to 8M.
My question is would this be allowed as PD? The balcony is already there and has received planning permission. Would the planners only be concerned with the new extension in assessing whether it falls under PD limits or could we be asked to remove the balcony to comply with PD rules?

Any views would be very welcome.

Many thanks

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