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October 3, 2021 by Rachael Geddes in forum Planning Forum

#1126 Rachael Geddes, 3 October 2021, 11:19

Good evening. We have submitted a lawfulness certificate to convert some outbuildings connected to the house which include an integral garage/stable type space and an outside toilet and coal store into a kitchen diner and utility. The planner is fine with the majority of the application but we have encountered an issue. The outside toilet/coal store is currently a sloping roof from heights point c. 2.5m ish which is the eves height of the main dwelling house down to about 2m. We want to raise one side of the roof to be 2.5 m to enable it to be a living/usable space once building control have had their way with damp proofing etc. Without increasing this height it’s unusable.

The planner is stating that we aren’t allowed to increase the eves height of the coal shed/toilet from its original height as part of class a and has stated that it does not form part of class b. Is this the case? Class A states “(d) the height of the eaves of the part of the dwellinghouse enlarged, improved or altered would exceed the height of the eaves of the existing dwellinghouse” does an outside toilet and coal shed form part of the dwelling house if its currently not habitable? Does Class B really not apply regarding alterations to a roof? I thought it would fall under class B as we are trying to create volume. Thanks

#1127 Damian, 3 October 2021, 19:55

Firstly, the term ‘outbuilding’ is kind of irrelevant if they’re connected to the house.

Could you re-develop the ‘extension’ to meet the PD guidelines?

#1128 Rachael Geddes, 4 October 2021, 10:07

Hi Damian

My point is they have been design on accordance with permitted development guidelines. I’ve got external advice from other planning officers/consultants and an architect. :(

#1129 Darren , 4 October 2021, 19:43

Adice I have a plot of land that previously had several homes on
These were demolished a number of years ago
Are there any rights to rebuild as existing many thanks

#1130 Damian, 4 October 2021, 22:43

If they’ve been designed to meet PD, then why does the Planning Officer have any concerns? Somebody has to be interpreting the rules incorrectly. If it’s refused, appeal it. PD can still in this day interpret the rules differently.

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